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Chinese Accounting, Tax and Advisory services

Chinese Accounting, Tax and Advisory services

We have specially dedicated teams in our Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing offices ready to provide corporate, accounting, tax compliance and HR services to assist international investors seeking to conduct business in Mainland China. Our comprehensive Chinese services facilitate overseas companies in setting up business in Mainland China and providing important business links necessary for operations in the Mainland. Our Chinese team provide fluent English services and all correspondences and reporting shall be bilingual for a piece of mind for overseas investors.

Our aim is simple: to provide localized compliance services to overseas companies in an international manner of service.

Accounting and Local Tax Compliance Services

Companies conducting business in Mainland China must abide by the accounting standards, tax laws and other relevant accounting and tax regulations of the People’s Republic of China. These accounting and tax regulations can be complex and may require experienced professional assistance for proper interpretation and daily implementation.

Our professional team consists of accountants with experience in a range of industries, providing bilingual daily accounting and tax reporting services for companies in China, including Foreign Representative Offices, Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises and Sino-foreign Joint Ventures. In addition, our client service manager in charge will be able to provide explanation and follow-up to ensure any questions from clients are satisfactorily resolved. All our correspondences and financial reports are bilingual, ensuring that foreign entrepreneurial investor or overseas holding company can easily understand the details of the content. We are sensitive to our clients’; needs, and will ensure that all correspondences are taken care of within 48 hours.

What We Can Do:

  • Establish an accounting system according to rules and regulations in PRC
  • Collect and verify financial data
  • Prepare balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and other types of financial reports
  • Process and issue official anti-countrified receipts
  • Process monthly tax reporting packages, including Business Tax (BT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Enterprise Income Tax (EIT)
  • Process monthly employees’ Individual Income Tax (IIT) reports
  • Assist in annual tax clearance
  • File general corporate financial information
China Corporate Financial Advisory Services

For clients that need a more experienced and qualified accountant without hiring one in-house, our corporate financial advisory services can assist. We can act like an outsourced CFO’ for your operations in China, assisting your local accounting team in providing training, support and guidance.

What We Can Do:

  • Review and verify accounts and financial statement preparation
  • Advise on local tax compliance and planning
  • Advise on merger and acquisition transactions
  • Consult on internal controls and corporate governance
  • Provide cash payment management services.

With our corporate financial advisory services, we provide clients a flexible and cost-effective approach by providing practical and trustworthy advice regarding the financial and tax aspects of their Chinese operations.

Cross-border Investment Advisory Services

With a population of 1.3 billion, China represents a vast potential market for the West, and in view of the double tax treaties with China, Hong Kong has been a popular platform for investing into China. With the collective effort and experiences from our Hong Kong and China teams, we provide one-stop solutions for clients that wish to utilize the platform of Hong Kong to tap into Chinese market. With our knowledge and cross jurisdiction set up, we are confident to assist client with all their cross-border investment needs.

Corporate Accounting Support Services

In addition to the routine Chinese accounting and tax compliance services, we also offer tailor-made support services for foreign companies operating in China, allowing them to focus on their core business.

What We Can Do:

  • Assist in applying for various licenses and qualifications including VAT regular taxpayer status, Import and Export Rights (for trading companies) and NVOCC License application (for sea logistic companies)
  • Handle all VAT invoice issuances
  • Assist in dealing with due diligence during acquisition
  • Prepare various analytical reports or feasibility studies
  • Prepare various financial reports in accordance with the client’s tailor-made format
  • Verify services for receipts
  • Provide staff training in accounting and tax aspects.