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Corporate services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Corporate Services

Conducting cross-border business between Hong Kong and overseas requires versatile operating procedures. Due to differences in policies and regulations in different regions, it is essential that prudence and professionalism be the guiding principles when conducting business. Operating a business without proper awareness of local regulations not only wastes time and effort, but may also unwittingly violate the law. We have ample professional experience in assisting various overseas and mainland clients in setting up and expanding their business in Hong Kong.

Corporate Secretarial Services (Private Companies)

In accordance with the Hong Kong Company Ordinance, all limited companies registered in Hong Kong must appoint a company secretary to handle the statutory compliance obligation and maintain company books and records. This Company Secretary should be an individual that normally resides in Hong Kong or an entity registered in Hong Kong. He or she should possess the relevant knowledge and exercise a reasonable duty of care to ensure the company complies with all relevant rules and regulations.

We provide corporate secretarial services to both private and listed companies.

What we can do for private companies:

  • Prepare and submit all statutory compliance documentation including the Annual Return and minutes for the Annual General Meeting
  • Provide services for statutory changes, including directors and shareholders, shareholding structure, company names, company addresses and other amendments to the Articles of Association
  • Provide company deregistration and winding-up services
  • Advise on changes in the share capital structure of the company, including share allotment, changes and creation in the class of shares and their rights, and the issuance of options and warrants
  • Arrange company meetings, such as ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’; meetings and the board of directors’; meeting, including making all arrangements and preparations, assisting in all legal compliance and preparing minutes of the same
  • Draft, revise and amend the Articles of Association.
Hong Kong and Overseas Company Registration Service

As a professional provider of secretarial services with years of practical experience and a high quality of service, we are confident that we can assist you in registering and developing your company by advising the best structure based on our experience.

What We Can Do:

  • Provide company set-up consultation services
  • Provide company registration services in Hong Kong
  • Assist in establishing non-profit and charitable organizations or trusts
  • Provide company law, tax and financial consulting services
  • Provide post-registration services and legal compliance consultation.
Registered Address Services

In accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, all Hong Kong registered companies are required to have a local registered address for receiving government documentation. We can provide you with a virtual registered address in Hong Kong. Not only useful for Hong Kong companies, overseas companies can also choose to utilize our registration address services as the correspondence address in Hong Kong and to receive local and overseas mail and couriers.

Bank Account Opening Services

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading financial centres. In general, any person or company, regardless of nationality, can open a bank account in Hong Kong. Each bank has its distinctive features, having different requirements regarding documentation and deposits in opening an account. Our experienced personnel can help clients select the right bank, prepare relevant documents to open a bank account and facilitate the whole procedures to make it a hassle-free experience.

What We Can Do:

  • Advise on bank selection and opening of accounts
  • Assist in preparing documentation required for account opening
  • Assist in having necessary documents translated, certified or notarized
  • Provide signature verification and document certifying service
  • Set up account opening appointments
  • Attend meetings with bankers and subsequent follow-up to ensure a smooth opening
  • Assist in bank line and credit facility applications including advice, selection and preparation of necessary documents.