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Corporate services in Vietnam

Corporate services in Vietnam

Due to its geographical location, its proximity to China and its access to the sea, Vietnam has natural assets that facilitate its recent development. Up to now, mainly multinationals have been established in Vietnam for reasons of market accessibility: regulatory constraints, relatively small market size, heavy financial and administrative costs for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Since the beginning of the decade, Vietnam has benefited from several factors favourable to its development, especially the rising cost of labour in China, the privatization of public companies, but also the gradual liberalization of the local market. In the past few years, there has been a renewed interest in European SMEs, in particular French SMEs, to establish themselves in the Vietnamese market in order to develop their activities locally with the possibility of spreading throughout the rest of South East Asia.

Company Registration Services

We can support you with your development in Vietnam through three solutions. The first consists of establishing a representative office which acts as a liaison office of the parent company established outside Vietnam, for example in France or Hong Kong (without commercial activity), the second is to set up a limited liability company (with commercial activity) and finally the possibility of establishing a Joint Venture with a local partner for strategic sectors protected by the State.

What we can do:

  • Advise on the creation of your company by keeping in mind the rules that apply under the legislation in Vietnam
  • Provide registration services for companies in Vietnam
  • Assist you in the preparation of your file and follow it with the competent local authorities
Domiciliation services

In accordance with the laws in force in Vietnam, any company must be registered at a physical address. Our on-site network allows us to assist you and offer you offices that meet your needs.

Bank account opening services

Like China, Vietnam has capital controls. Therefore, opening a bank account requires more vigilance. To facilitate this process, we help you throughout this process: making appointments, preparing your files, assisting you during appointments and following-up until the opening of the account.